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Beastfallen is a creature that is half beast half human, and are feared by humans. Many of them choose to be hired by humans to hunt down witches, as they're much more durable than normal humans and can stand much more of a chance against the witch's magic.

Types of Beastfallen[]

There are two ways that someone can become a Beastfallen. The first and most common is to be born that way, like Mercenary. People don't know why Beastfallen are born, because they aren't born from a Beastfallen and a human, but instead two humans (it is revealed later that it is due to them being descended from Beastfallen. The spell that converts humans into Beastfallen returns to the Witch who casts it upon the death of the Beastfallen, but if the Witch dies before the Beastfallen, the spell will go to a blood descendant of the Beastfallen, continuing to pass on unless removed by a Witch). The other way is for a normal human to be transformed into a Beastfallen, like Holdem. A witch who is powerful enough can use her magic to transform a human into a Beastfallen.  

Notable Beastfallen[]

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