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The Grimoire of Zero (pronounced "grim-war') is a small spellbook that contains the very essence of magic itself, a quite different craft from sorcery, in its dozens of pages. It is the title of the original anime miniseries and remains a factor even in the five-year spinoff sequel The Dawn of the Witch, even though was implied to have been destroyed by its own writer, but is said to reside in the Forbidden Library.

Those wanting to decipher its pages to either dominate or destroy the entire world, as well in the hope of further developing and magnifying their magical abilities to tremendously dangerous power levels were:


It is a small, medium-sized book that is a dark purple with gold embellishments.


Chapter One: Capture[]

  • Conjure of Ropes- Encase an opponent in unbreakable ropes to enable the capture of game without relative ease.

Chapter Two: Forbidden[]

  • Ard Gehrd in De Chordia Zea Segtor Medis- Thirteen and Zero used this powerful spell against one another, though Thirteen's incantation purposefully had errors and was never at full strength per Zero's aim. Five years later, however, this was indeed cast at full strength by a fully empowered/enmaiked Zero to terminate the demon that was possessed. Its full power and incantation is shown in another page.

Chapter Three: Harvest[]

  • Loutiria- Brings forth several fish from a river.

Chapter Four: Hunting[]

  • Flagis- Generation of blue-yellow fire that incinerates its victim but leaves it surrounding area unharmed by its flames. It is what the deer beastfallen witch Hort comes to perfect herself in enough to generate regular yellow-and-orange flames that can incinerate more targets than she intends non-verbally.

Chapter Five: Protection[]

  • Cordia- Generates a green magical aura around the caster to heal injured allies, but is beyond returning the spirits of the departed to life. It has what Kudo is most experienced in.

Appearances in Anime[]

Grimoire of Zero[]

The Dawn of the Witch[]

Season One[]
Season Two[]
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About the Grimoire of Zero[]

Grimoire of Zero[]

  • "They wouldn't need the whole book, only one chapter would do."
  • "It was i who wrote that book."
  • "The holy book your Sorcerers of Zero has gold embezzlement, yes. Then it must be my true grimoire."
  • "My grimoire is divided into four chapters- Hunting, Harvest, Capture and Protection."
  • "You keep saying that the grimoire was stolen. Is that true, Zero?"
  • "It's true. The one you call 'Him' robbed me of my own grimoire."
  • "The grimoire was never stolen in the first place."
  • "I purposefully wrote errors in the incantations of the Grimoire of Zero. Into many of them."
  • "I will now put an end to the Grimoire of Zero."
  • "You got your book back."
  • The Grimoire of Zero was just the beginning."

The Dawn of the Witch[]

Season One[]
  • "I only have one request: To read the Grimoire of Zero, the very first magic grimoire in existence."
  • "Grimoire of Zero?"
  • "That is a forbidden tome."
  • "Because it's too dangerous? That, by reading it, one could destroy the world?"
  • "I could arrange a brief meeting between you and the author of the grimoire."
  • "My eyes would never not be able to recognize the author of such an artifact."
  • "The art that substitutes for sorcery that many refer to as 'magic' finds its origin in the Grimoire of Zero. The woman before you is that Zero. I am the author of the legendary grimoire."
  • "The one who stole the Grimoire of Zero and who had spread the existence of magic throughout the realm of Wenias, only to cause a bloody war."
  • "You will be allowed to read the Grimoire of Zero."
  • "The grimoire can wait. I am more preoccupied with my ducklings' prowess."
Season Two[]
  • "