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Holdem Anime.png
 Kanji ホールデム
 Romaji Hōrudemu
• Characteristics•
 Race Beastfallen
 Gender Male
 Eye Color Green
• Personal Status•
 Status Active
 Relative(s) Unnamed Noble Brother
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Sword
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 1
 Manga Manga Volume 2
 Anime Duel
The Dawn of the Witch
The Remedial Student and the Witch of the Staff"
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Katou Masayuki
 English Voice David Wald

Holdem was originally a human man who was magically transformed into a wolf beastfallen pf his own free will, and he is Albus the Last Mooncaller Witch's legal guardian due to the everlasting promise he had made to Sorena the renowned Mooncaller Witch.


He was originally a knight who ran away from his family when he was caught having an affair and ended up living with Sorena. He asked Sorena to make him a Beastfallen to hide his royal lineage so that he could live out his life in peace. He was entrusted with taking care of Sorena's granddaughter, Albus, after Sorena was executed.


His appearance is akin to that of a timber wolf. In the Light Novel, he has white fur while in the anime, he has grey fur, the top half of which is mostly shaved off by Zero's magic early in the series as punishment for causing trouble for her and Mercenary. He is tall and athletic-looking, but still has some greatly defined muscle mass.

About five/one decade later, his fur has been fully restored yet completely bleached into white fur with an even rounder face.


Earlier in the series, he is rather cocky and full of himself, as well as very perverse; but as the series goes on, it is revealed he is compassionate. As is shown by his not so secret crush on Albus. He also shows great respect to Mercenary and calls him his brother, due to both of them being beastfallen.


Grimoire of Zero[]

The Dawn of the Witch[]

Season One[]
Season Two[]
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  • Holdem was originally going to wear a green and white uniform with yellow outlines with a turquoise scarf in the anime, but this was later changed.
  • The Japanese voice actor of Holdem also plays as Demiurge from "Overlord".
  • The English voice actor of Holdem also plays Tetsutetsu from "My Hero Academia" and Gajeel Redfox from "Fairy Tail".
  • In the Anime, Holdem states that while Mercenary was born as a Beastfallen he chose to become one on his own freewill.