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Loux Krystas DotW design.png
Professor Loux Krystas
 Kanji ロー・クリスタス
 Romaji Rō Kurisutasu
• Characteristics•
 Race Witch
 Eye Color Pink
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Professor of Another Sorcery & Magic Academy of Wenias
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Unknown sorcerers and witches
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Luden Staff
• Debuts•
 Light Novel 1
 Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
 Anime "The Remedial Student and the Witch of the Staff"
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Miho Okasaki
 English Voice Monica Rial

Professor Loux Krystas is the titular main character from The Dawn of the Witch. She is a topmost-level witch who has lived for hundreds of years and is known as the Dawn Witch, which is in the title itself, even though the story centers on the only child of Thirteen.

She has made a contract with the demon "Luden Magic Staff," which sucks the magic power of anyone it touches. She is therefore able to wield great power through the magic staff, but she cannot use magic by herself, making herself as good as a human without it.[1]


She is quite knowledgeable in the ever evolving supernatural arts of both sorcery and magic due to having been around for about three centuries. She is quite cool-headed and optimistic towards those witches and sorcerers-in-training (mages) who wish to further develop and enhance their own magical prowess and ability to their highest potential. She can be prone to childish acts if she does not get her way, throwing annoying tantrums by throwing herself on the floor and kicking her feet.


Powers and Abilities[]

Longevity: Loux is an immortal witch that has has lived hundreds of years. Probably making her the oldest character in the series. Though her immortality is due to the deal she made with the demon of Luden Staff.

  • Eternal Youth: Her inability of living for centuries makes it impossible for her to grow old.

Magical Staff/Scepter Wielding: She is able to wield the most dangerous and strongest legendary Luden staff and use it for combat. She is someone a capable fighter as she was able to hold herself against Holdem and Mercenary. With Mercenary, even avoiding confrontation with her. Claiming he wouldn't fight a battle he wouldn't win. She was strong enough to battle the arbitrator who resorted to threatening Saybil's life to get her to surrender it to him.

  • Magical Power Level: Like all witches and sorcerers (or "mages"), she prefers to continue to develop and increase his or her innate magical abilities and strength to tremendously dangerous power levels. She intends to do just that once reading the legendary Grimoire of Zero at the Forbidden Library.
  • Darkness/Shadow Generation & Manipulation: She generates darkness/shadows from said scepter to enshroud her allies, which the Priest requires in order to remove his shades.
  • Infinite Supply: It is able to absorb and store supreme amounts of high levels of various sorcery and magic within it to further strengthen its own power, though it is incapable of containing Saybil's infinite magical energies which are too powerful for even the staff to handle. It even absorbed the miniature versions of a Remnant of Disaster that it attained from within Kady's stomach, with which its wilder can unleash and reabsorb at will.

Extensive Knowledge in Sorcery and Magic: As someone whose lived hundreds of years, Loux has gathered a valuable amount of knowledge about certain things. She is also wise, though her childishness hides this fact.


  • Her first name is also spelled "Los"
  • Just like Lilly, Professor Loux bares some similarities of Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon of the manga and both 1990s anime and 2014-2023 reboot of the manga Sailor Moon, and Beatrice in Re:Zero; all three have the appearance of young girls, but are actually far much older than they appear, even more so than a full-grown adult.
  • The title of the spinoff sequel refers to her, even though Saybil is the focal protagonist.
  • She speaks just like those of the fourteenth century, from "thy", "thine" to "ye" due to being around for three centuries since the war between sorcerers and humans had begun in 526, it stands to reason that she was born in 226, making her 305 in the spinoff.
  • As with Sailor Saturn and her infinitely powerful and apocalyptic Silence Glaive, upon being bonded with her thirteen-year-old lookalike reincarnation Hotaru Tomoe, Loux' maniacal weapon is much longer and taller than her, its wielder. Both weapons possess ancient dark powers that center on death and ruin, shadows/darkness and silence, destruction and nothingness of those around them whether requiring direct physical contact with its victims or not.


  • "I am Loux Krystas the Dawn Witch."
  • "How you ask? Charm, of course."
  • "Don't touch that!!"
  • "My dear Ludens!! Never hit a witch's staff!!"
  • "Do not look directly into a witch's eyes. It could result in bewitchment."
  • "I am a genius, after all."
  • "A magic denial in the flesh! My three thousand years of life are worth it!"
  • "Twas a test, my boy! And you passed!"
  • "Whatever dost thou mean? As a charlatan and a fraud, I do not refer lightly."
  • "So thou sought his expulsion. Thou givest and takest, then takest again. How arrogant. Why are thou so fixated on dominating his life like this?"
  • "If Sayb is really your nephew, that means his father is...Thirteen."
  • "I will pretend I never heard that."
  • "A graduation exam is a fine idea."
  • "Did I startle thee?"
  • "Eat it."
  • "Why not? Did thou not feed them to others, saying it was a 'divine blessing'?"
  • "Eat it. One big gulp. Thou are forgiven."