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"Use me."

- The voice of the demon Ludens himself from within the Staff to Saybil in "Don't Call me a Traitor!"

The Luden Staff is an ancient and very powerful yet alarmingly dangerous weapon of immense magical power. For three centuries, it remained in possession of the immortal Dawn Witch Professor Loux Kyrytas Loas. It is partially autonomous and sentient, capable of reacting to threats of its own accord and defend its chosen wielder if need be.

It is the only magical staff/scepter in the Grimoire of Zero franchise, in addition to the unnamed wooden one wielded by the infamous topmost-level sorcerer Thirteen.

Mystical Properties[]

Magical & Mystical Absorption: Drawing in a witch or sorcerer's innate magical power into itself for sustenance is what makes this extraordinary weapon so dangerous and lethal to those possessing even the slightest sign of magical potential.

  • Death Inducement: Whoever touches it immediately gets his or her magic, no matter which level it has achieved, drained out of them entirely, a process that ultimately destroys its victim.
  • Mystical Life-Force/Mana/Chakra Generation & Absorption: By drawing in the very lifeblood essence/substance of both magic and sorcery itself, mana, one is dangerously depleted of their respective magic to the point of death.
  • Darkness/Shadow Generation & Manipulation: She generates darkness/shadows from said scepter to enshroud her allies, which the Priest requires in order to remove his shades.
  • Location Spell: By manifesting a bird out of pure shadows/darkness, it projects its wielder's voice to another if needed to find him/her wherever they are at the time.
  • Boundless/Infinite Supplying: Like Saybil, it can absorb and store nearly limitless levels of sorcery and magic, which it also uses for eating mundane things like soup, and even small magical creatures of pure evil, like those from a Remnant of Disaster. With a certain potion Saybil had concocted from one of his "late" father's nearly illegible books of mystical medicinal herbs, it can now infuse increasingly powerful magics into those who require further magical power and strength should Saybil himself ever be unavailable.


  • It is taller than its wielder, just like the Silence Glaive is for Sailor Saturn of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.