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Grimoire of Zero Manga 1 (ゼロから始める魔法の書1) Zero kara hajimeru mahō no sho 1) is the 1st volume in the Grimoire of Zero manga.

Chapter 1[]

This chapter starts with Mercenary being chased by a witch. He decides to jump of from a cliff and begs to fall on a river or that the fall won't last long.

After landing on someone's soup, that got enraged by that. He gets up and try to protect himself and that someone from the witch's attacks by taking it on his shoulders and running away, but that someone doesn't really care about the attacks.

The someone name the attack "Staim" and decides to get off mercenary to stop the witch, revealing that it is a girl a witch and her name is Zero. Zero traps the witch using Etorak and tells her she would need to use Edarest to easily evade. After discovering that Zero is a witch, Mercenary flees away from her.

At night, Zero finds Mercenary from the smell of his soup and they exchanges some informations, Zero and Mercenary does a contract to help her find her grimoire. She also explain that Mercenary is cursed and why he is.

The first episode of the anime is at 3/4 when this chapter ends.

Chapter 2[]

The first two pages of this chapters are telling the same things as some of the first few minutes of the first episode of the anime : Back in some times, Zero decides to get out of the cave, seemingly saying it aloud in case Thirteen would hear her.

After this scene, we get back to Zero and Mercenary, he wakes up with Zero on him, shocked he punches her on the head. He then asks about the grimoire, Zero tells how it looks, but that's not what Mercenary meant so she sulks. She then tells him what it contains. She gives Mercenary a lesson about witchery and magic. She invokes the pixie Recs by both means as an example.

Chapter 3[]

They are attacked by an ebleboar so Zero traps it using Caprata to show how powerful magic is when used in a fight.

After freeing the Ebleboar, Zero shoot Staim to a tree and breaks the trunk, making the witch hidden behind fall to the ground. The witch tries to attack Zero and Mercenary, but is easily beat by Zero, we discover that his name is Albus. The second episode of the anime begins here.

Albus tells that "The person" gave them their powers by bringing to them the Grimoire of Zero. It also tells what is the crux of the war and stuff about Saurenna.

Albus tries to get Mercenary's head by asking after Zero explains how mana works.

They decide to go find the grimoire at the "school".

Chapter 4[]

Zero explains to Mercenary what type of man is Thirteen. After that, they cross someone that tells them how Saurenna was helpful to them, but explains why he doesn't want to think that she was trying to be helpful.

When it rains, they stop at an abandonned house, Zero explain how some people have a gift for magic.

After Albus gets out of the house to be alone, Zero explain to Mercenary why it is unlikely that Saurenna started the epidemic.

After the rain, they arrive at a town.

Back Cover[]

The back cover tells (French v translated into english)

In this world, there exists witches and a science of "witchery". However "magical" arts is still unknown...

A mercenary half man half beast, despised as "Beastfallen", is daily chased by witches willing to take its head as an offering.

However, the appearance of an extraordinary witch will change its life... and maybe even all of humanity.

The window opens on a surprising fantasy adventure !