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Grimoire of Zero Manga 2 (ゼロから始める魔法の書2) Zero kara hajimeru mahō no sho 2) is the 2nd volume in the Grimoire of Zero manga. It has 5 chapters.

Chapter 5[]

This chapter begins with Zero and Albus saying they are Mercenary's slaves to enter Fomicam.

Zero asks Mercenary what two people are doing, he answer her that they are kissing, but that has a whole different meaning to Zero...

After that, they go seek clothes for Zero. While getting new clothes, Zero undresses in front of everyone...

Chapter 6[]

After eating, they get chambers in an inn and we have a scene between Zero and Mercenary where Mercenary take a bath.

After the shower, they encounter Holdem, a wolf beastfallen. Zero tells Mercenary that his 3 slaves "witches" aren't witches at all.

To have fun of Holdem, Zero cast a spell on him that removed all his fur.

Chapter 7[]

They arrive at Latet, but find out that the village has been decimated.

This witches villages has been attacked by other witches. Zero finds out that magic can be used to kill and is very disappointed by that.

Chapter 8[]

They enter the church and Zero finds out by how people were killed that there was another enemy that the ones who were assaulting the village. After saying "Thirteen" out loud, they got teleported away and confront Thirteen.

Zero tells us she has been living for more than a century.

Thirteen is found to be the one that attacked Latet and attacks Albus. He seem to keep Zero in high regards.

Zero stops the fight by telling him it's time to eat.

Chapter 9[]

They end up in the royal castle in Prasta (the capital) and eat in the castle. Zero and Thirteen have an argument while they eat.

After that, Thirteen have an argument with Albus.

Zero tells us why she had made the grimoire.

Back Cover[]

In this world, there exists witches and a science of "witchery". However "magical" arts is still unknown...

Escort by the mercenary half man half beast which Zero promised to get him back to human shape once her quest accomplished, the strange witch is searching her stolen grimoire. The young witch Albus pretend being able to get them to it, they take the way to the village where it is kept. However they swallow that a terrible event wait for them...