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Saybil DotW design.png
Saybil the Abyss Sorcerer
 Kanji セービル
 Romaji Sēbiru
• Characteristics•
 Race Sorcerer
 Eye Color Soft Blue
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Three-Year Student at Magic Academy of Wenias
• Personal Status•
 Status Active
 Relative(s) Unknown grandparents (deceased)
Thirteen (sorcerer father)
Unnamed witch mother (deceased)
Zero (paternal aunt)
Mercenary (beastfallen uncle)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Luden Staff (briefly)
His infinitely powerful low or upper-level spells from both magic and sorcery
Magic-Replenishing/Empowerment Potion
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 1
 Manga Volume 1
 Anime "The Remedial Student and the Witch of the Staff"
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Shuuichirou Umeda
 English Voice Travis Mullenix

Saybil the Abyss Sorcerer is the main protagonist of The Dawn of the Witch. He was known to be unable to cast even the most basic spells properly until he instinctively further tapped into his inherent magical abilities with the help of the renowned creator of all magic, the Mud-Black Witch herself and the famous Dawn Witch. He is a student at the Royal School of Magic in the Kingdom of Wenias, but his grades are at the bottom of the class due to his fear of being unable to master his limitless magic fully.

Upon finally recovering how his mother was brutally murdered in front of his eyes by a crazed witch when he was a preteen, he is told by Zero that his father is the infamous sorcerer Thirteen, and her elder brother, making the Mud-Black Witch his paternal aunt. Despite this revelation of his father's crimes, he intends to continue helping those with magical reduction and learn spells from his good friends Hort and Kudo in return.


In the beginning, Saybil did not show a lot of emotion due to him having no memories of his past and having no one to care for him. He doesn't value his life that much as he feels emotionally empty due to his amnesia and having no on support him.

However as time goes on and as he became friends with Hort, Kudo and Professor Loux he started to understand what friendship means and how it feels to care for other and know that there are others that care for him regardless of just how magically strong and dangerous he can be.

Magical Powers and Abilities[]

Unlimited Magical Power Level: Although he doesn't like to fight, Saybil is considered more powerful than any sorcerer or witch rivaling even his aunt Zero. Since he has limitless magic, he has the chance to become the strongest and longest living high sorcerer of all time as the Abyss Sorcerer, with "abyss" meaning the bottomless chasm his magic literally is compared to all other natural users of both sorcery and magic. However during his early years at the academy and his training he is unable to control his powers due to him being born with limitless magic exactly as his father had planned.

Magical Replenishment & Empowerment: By allowing the boundlessly infinite amounts of his uncontrollable, strong magic, a fellow sorcerer or witch can be fully replenished by absorbing about half or, in the case of Zero, almost the full throttle.


  • His name could be a masculine variant of "Sybil" as well as an animal similar to marten.
  • It is revealed that Saybil had lost his memories before entering the Wenias Kingdom Academy. Later in the series is revealed that he sealed them away himself.
  • Saybil was born with the trait of limitless power. However because of this his magic becomes unstable every so often.
  • He is prone to motion sickness, like his father.
  • Hort and Kudo were the very first friends that Saybil made during his three-year time at the academy.
  • As with the supporting character Rion of Yasahime: Princess Half-Demon, the spinoff sequel to InuYasha and 26-episode sequel Inuyasha: The Final Act, he has a white-haired paternal aunt named Zero.


  • "I can't remember anything."
  • "I exist yet I know nothing."
  • "A new environment?"
  • "I remember her now."
  • "For a long time, you were my only memory."
  • "I decide who is worthwhile, and you definitely don't qualify!"
  • "Is this an abduction?"
  • "Don't move. I could kill you if I really wanted to."
  • "My mother told me something. She said to never approach a witch with eyes like mine."
  • "I want to know who I am."
  • "Professor Zero has been teaching me adept control."
  • "A sorcerer. A man wrote this book, my father Thirteen."
  • "I found out yesterday. Bout that's not important now."
  • "I will tell you this because I want you both to know: My father is...Thirteen."
  • "Professor Zero, it is your duty to ensure the future of all mages, even if my own future is ruined."
  • "I will go all out."
  • "I feel much so lighter. So this is what is like to not have enough magic."
  • "Isn't this a memento of you brother?"
  • "I am glad you had this book, Professor Zero."
  • "Can you Aunt Zero now?"
  • "The Forbidden Library?"
  • "Oh no. My motion sickness is here."