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The Dawn of the Witch
The Dawn of the Witch Anime Key Visual.png
1st anime visual of the spinoff
Kanji 魔法使い黎明期
Rōmaji Mahōtsukai Reimeiki
Series Information
Directed by Satoshi Kuwabara
Studio Tezuka Productions
Original Run April 8, 2022 –
Episodes 12

  The Dawn of the Witch (魔法使い黎明期 Mahōtsukai Reimeiki?) is an anime series adaptation of the light novel of the same name, produced by Tezuka Productions which premiered on April 8th, 2022. The anime series is being directed by Satoshi Kuwabara with music by Akito Matsuda, and character designs by Ryosuke Kimiya and Daisuke Mataga.

However, fans are desperately awaiting a second season that depicts further adventures with Saybil, Hort, Kudo as their jobs in the Forbidden Library progress along with their unique magical abilities. And, additionally, especially wanting to see Professor Loux Krystas' getting to read the legendary Grimoire of Zero, and to see more of the five-year older Zero and Mercenary, and a reappearance of Thirteen himself, as he still out there somewhere since he lives in hiding at Moonsbow Forest.


For five years, in 531, the magical kingdom/realm of Wenias has been at peace after having endured a decade-long conflict between the church and witches ever since the wrongful death of the strongest Mooncaller Witch Sorona five centuries age. However, embers of war still burn in some regions of the world. Saybil is a hopeless student at the Kingdom of Wenias' very first College of Magic.

An infinitely powerful sorcerer, by the name of Saybil, has somehow lost all memory of his time before attending the college for three years. The magic school's headmaster Albus sends him for special training to the southern part of the continent, where persecution against witches and sorcerers still runs strong.[1]






Locations in the Kingdom/Realm of Wenias[]

Southern Witch Village[]
  • Witch Forest
  • Saybil's Magic Shop
  • Zero's Magic Library
  • Mercenary's Tavern

Objects & Weapons of Supreme Magical Power[]

Spells of both Sorcery or Magic[]
  • Ertack
  • Flagis
  • Segetor Medias
  • Cordia


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