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"Determination to Kill" is the eleventh/penultimate episode of The Dawn of the Witch miniseries as well as the twenty-third episode in the Grimoire of Zero animated franchise.


Saybil, Hort, Kudo and Professor Loux are attempting to find just out who is the mastermind behind these unstable Remnants of Disaster with assistance from the legendary Dragon King Conqueror and Headmistress of the Academy.





  • The title refers to the opposing armies that have a desire for destroying the sorcerers, witches and their human friends without mercy to further their own stanched belief that all users of magic and sorcery are evil.
  • An additional war is on the verge of being fought in the outskirts of Wenias.
  • The origins of a Remanent of Disaster is revealed.
  • Saybil again intends to utilize his magic-replenishing potion to reduce further unnecessary causalities.
  • Hort and Kudo are told of the infamous Thirteen having been Saybil's father, prompting Kudo to teasingly call him a Chosen One.
  • Young Laios leaves the village with his father to stay safe and eventually return as a grown man to make do on the promise Saybil had made him.
  • Saybil willingly offers his boundless magic to his Aunt Zero, in spite of the dangers he was told by his late mother of Zero taking everything from him by doing so, which would give him the title "the Abyss Sorcerer" by his witch aunt.