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"The Beginning of the Adventure" is the twelvth episode of The Dawn of the Witch miniseries, as well as the twenty-fourth/finale of the Grimorie of Zero anime series.

It ended on a thriller/cliffhanger, leaving a possibility for a second season to further explore the adventures of Thirteen's teenage son and his friends and showing more places in the realm of Wenias, as the manga itself is still ongoing.


Everyone prepares to defend the village from the approaching armies, both of the Church and Mage Unit, that will stop at nothing to annihilate them from existence. Things come to a head as Zero and Saybil prepare to pull off a risky move that could determine their own destinies.





  • The preview did not say this was the "final episode", which could imply that there could be more episodes to come in the form of a second season.
  • In contrast to the previous eleven episodes, this aired one day after the regular air date of Thursday.
  • The soldiers of the Anti-Witch Church are ordered to kill the head witch, meaning the renowned Mud-Black Witch/inventor of magic herself.
  • Shinpu "the Blind Priest" seems to have a close psionic link with Lilly, as he could detect that she was in trouble, further proving their strong father-daughter bond.
  • Hort can now create and fire dozens of arrows of light, whose magic-users seem to have strengthened in marksmanship and effectiveness over the last five years, having been changed to a lighter blue.
  • The fully empowered and magicked Zero casts the same forbidden spell she had used against her older brother, with Thirteen casting a revised incantation to due to her purposefully placing errors in many of the incantations of the uppermost to topmost-level spells she herself had invented. However, this time, we see the full effects of the spell from the forbidden chapter.
  • Saybil Hort and Kudo finally graduate as full-fledged, topmast sorcerers and witch, and get jobs working in the Forbidden Library to gather more information of Remnants of Disaster for Headmistress Albus, and met up with the Dawn Witch again who finally manages to read the legendary Grimoire of Zero as reward for her part.
  • Saybil finally calls Zero his aunt.
  • The mastermind behind the Remnants of Disaster is revealed: Bishop Ideamor of the Church who dies from being force-fed his own Remnant of Disaster.